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Artist Statement

I believe that the world we live in is more rich & bizarre than any work of fiction. Through unstaged documentary photographs, I capture extraordinary moments hidden within regular circumstances.


Often peculiar and seemingly unreal, my minutely detailed images are heterotopias, spaces made of more layers of meaning and relationships than immediately meets the eye. These layers expose the unwritten stories of the places and times in which we live. I believe that these stories, essentially our collective memories, are what give us our sense of belonging and create meaning within our lives.


Comprised of decentralized subjects, I refer to my large-format images as compositions within compositions. Like a rich tableau, you can fall into them and endlessly explore the stories woven among the details.


Through timing and observation, the world appears to me as though it is photo-shopped. I spend months walking around the city and country-side, with my camera stowed in my backpack, without taking a single photograph. I look for the moment when social, economic, and natural forces collide, for only a fraction of a second, to tell a story unlike anything I could possibly preconceive.

--Eric Deis