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bg_16911372878373.jpgTranslink's new head office near Sapperton, New Westminster.


I am working on a new photo commission for the South Coast British Columbia Transportation Authority ("TransLink"). They've commissioned me to produce a series of 16 artworks for their new head office. I was pretty excited to hear that the Directors at Translink unanimously decided on choosing me for this project. I think they really liked the underlying philosphy of my work which is my belief that our lives are shaped by the collective memories of the space and place in which we live.


The images will be installed in their meeting rooms using wall-to-wall vinyl, with an average size of 10 feet height by 18 feet width. The largest image is going to be over 25 feet long!


Today I went on a site visit to measure the walls and get a sense of the scale and layout of the rooms. Here's some snap shots of the rooms under construction. In a few months, these walls are going to be transformed into masterpieces. Can't wait to see them.







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