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I have quietly unveiled a 43' x 32' (13m x 9.5m) photograph in downtown Vancouver, entitled Last Chance. The official launch will be at 6pm, Thursday April 15, 2010 at the CBC Plaza, 700 Hamilton Street (between Robson & Georgia). For more information, please visit: Other Sights for Artist Projects

Echoing the current rapid migration of construction sites from one street to the next throughout Vancouver's downtown core, Deis has transplanted "Last Chance" to the 700 block of Hamilton Street. Using a printing medium commonly associated with full colour advertising and real estate marketing, "Last Chance" asserts a distinctly quiet, black and white presence. Its scale suggests a distant view, yet focuses upon a recent past. Compressing into one image the last house, the last tree, and the last chance for preconstruction pricing, Deis' photograph captures a somber and familiar moment of transition in Vancouver's built environment....