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Thanks to everyone that participated in my art sale. All the works for my out-of-town customers were picked up by the fine-art shipping company and are enroute to you now. Enjoy! 

"Forest" nicely framed and ready to go!

Some large pieces going out today! Going to look great in their new homes.

I was just reviewing my past application packages and realized that I had not updated my artist statement here on my website. I am pleased to announce a new updated statement that is a lot easier to read and more approachable. Let me know what you think!


I believe that the world we live in is more rich & bizarre than any work of fiction. Through unstaged documentary photographs, I capture extraordinary moments hidden within regular circumstances.


Often peculiar and seemingly unreal, my minutely detailed images are heterotopias, spaces made of more layers of meaning and relationships than immediately meets the eye. These layers expose the unwritten stories of the places and times in which we live. I believe that these stories, essentially our collective memories, are what give us our sense of belonging and create meaning within our lives.


Comprised of decentralized subjects, I refer to my large-format images as compositions within compositions. Like a rich tableau, you can fall into them and endlessly explore the stories woven among the details.


Through timing and observation, the world appears to me as though it is photo-shopped. I spend months walking around the city and country-side, with my camera stowed in my backpack, without taking a single photograph. I look for the moment when social, economic, and natural forces collide, for only a fraction of a second, to tell a story unlike anything I could possibly preconceive.



bg_16911372878373.jpgTranslink's new head office near Sapperton, New Westminster.


I am working on a new photo commission for the South Coast British Columbia Transportation Authority ("TransLink"). They've commissioned me to produce a series of 16 artworks for their new head office. I was pretty excited to hear that the Directors at Translink unanimously decided on choosing me for this project. I think they really liked the underlying philosphy of my work which is my belief that our lives are shaped by the collective memories of the space and place in which we live.


The images will be installed in their meeting rooms using wall-to-wall vinyl, with an average size of 10 feet height by 18 feet width. The largest image is going to be over 25 feet long!


Today I went on a site visit to measure the walls and get a sense of the scale and layout of the rooms. Here's some snap shots of the rooms under construction. In a few months, these walls are going to be transformed into masterpieces. Can't wait to see them.







Underline Studio in Toronto commissioned me to shoot Vancouver's infamous Insite, a safe drug injection site in the Downtown East Side (DTES), for University Affairs Magazine.

I have donated one of my photos to Art for Life, a fundraiser for the Vancouver Friends for Life Society, which helps people with life threatening illnesses, such as HIV. You are invited to the Preview Exhibition on Friday, October 21, 7-10pm @ CBC Studios. The preview is free, RSVP here. There will be live music and refreshments.

The actual art auction takes place on November 26 @ Rocky Mountaineer Station - 1755 Cottrell Street, Vancouver BC


For more information visit:

Come and see my photographs at Art Toronto, the annual international art fair. Elissa Cristall Gallerywill be showing my photographs at booth #244.

I will be in attendance. Send me a message if you'd like to meet up and get a personal introduction to my work.


For more information visit:

Museum of Anthropology, from the series Artifacts of Authenticity


I'm showing the new photo series made in collaboration with my good friend Sonny Assu in his solo exhibition at the West Vancouver Museum. The opening reception is Tuesday, September 13 @7pm.


Artist Statement
Artifacts of Authenticity is a collaborative project between Sonny Assu and Eric Deis that deals with the issues of reclaiming identity and space by documenting the waste of the dominant affluent culture. Through as series of photographs, they have explored the conventions of anthropological spaces as the perceived voice of authenticity for indigenous artifacts.

Photographing discarded cedar objects in-situ, Artifacts of Authenticity challenges the three eyes of “authority” placed upon Aboriginal arts and culture: The Anthropology institution, the Commercial Art Gallery and the stereotypical tourist trap. Through their images, they have utilized the camera as a conceptual record of "authority" and captured the cedar objects in circumstances staged solely for the camera.

The series is an inversion of authoritative voice of the anthropologists; the gallerist; the curators; the historians and the purveyors of the stereotype for the tourist. It calls into question the meaning of authenticity of what or who is considered Aboriginal. 

Spared, from River District Public Art Plan

I have been commissioned to shoot a series of photographs for the East Fraserlands River District Public Art Plan. It is part of a new development by Parklane Homes at the site of a former lumber mill near Marine Drive & Kerr Street in Vancouver. This has been a really interesting project to be involved with because it is probably the very first time an artist has been commissioned to create their artwork to help shape a planning policy. It reflects the innovate work being done at Cole Projects, the author of the art plan.

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